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Top 250 Scaleups

Top 250 Scaleups 2022

Curious to know who are the fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands? And to learn more about their recipe for growth? Welcome to Top 250 Scaleups 2022 – the latest edition of our yearly monitor of the top scaleups in the Netherlands.

Top 250 Scaleups 2022 

The Top 250 Scaleups of this year have never deserved more of our appreciation. The Dutch dynamic and booming landscape for fast-growing companies has been put under unprecedented pressure. The health crisis and the social restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, but also the increasing difficulty in hiring new talent, have posed serious threats to the successful scaling of Dutch young and innovative companies.

Remarkably enough, though, the 2022 Top 250 Scaleups managed to overcome and exploit these challenges to actually grow even faster. If anyone is to be able to cope with these new challenges and help us find sustainable, resilient solutions, that will be scaleup entrepreneurs as showcased by this publication. 

Top 250 Insights Report

Including the full list of the Dutch Top 250 Scaleups of 2022 and special research content from Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, this year Insights Report sheds light on the growth journeys of some of the Dutch fastest-growing companies of 2022 together with the most interesting conclusions of our year-long research into Dutch and international scaleups.


Zoetermeer companies in the Top 250 Scaleups 2022 are Van Berkel Professionals en Goodzo. A honorable mention also goes to OBI4One (Zaandam), acquired by the Spotler Group in April 2022.  

Amsterdam is the city in the Netherlands with the most companies in the Top 250 Scaleups 2022, followed by Rotterdam (23) and Utrecht (20).

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