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next valley

Next Valley

A 12-month coaching programme, created for ambitious founders looking for guidance without the typical pressure of an all-in startup programme.

Why Next Valley?

At WorldStartup we believe an inclusive and regenerative economy is the way forward for a sustainable future. Our goal is to catalyse positive growth in every corner of the world by supporting impact-driven entrepreneurs.

We recognise that, at times, such founders do not need a full-on startup programme but needs support for a specific challenge that can be tackled in a leaner approach. That is why we created Next Valley, the support programme that provides founders access to a dedicated coach with the specific expertise needed.

How It Works: The Founder-Coach Relationship

At the core of the programme is the founder-coach relationship. The role of a coach is different from that of a mentor. While a typical mentor can be consulted for general advice in an ad-hoc manner, a coach supports the founder in reaching a specific goal or improving specific skills that the coach has expertise in. As such, coaching has a start and end date, a specific goal to reach at the end of the programme, and follows a structured, tailored and ongoing framework to get there.

Who Is This Programme For?

  • You are a startup that solves a significant problem in society and drives positive change in the world
  • You are looking for support in a specific area, without the need for a full-on startup programme like Basecamp or Altitude
  • Your team consists of minimum 2 people
  • Your startup can be at any stage of their journey
  • Your startup can be from any location and background
  • You are a non-EU founder looking to relocate to the Netherlands (not required)

Read more about the coaches, your commitment and how to apply.